Extra-Curricular Activities

Exposing your child to activities beyond the classroom enriches their learning experience and helps them develop hobbies and interests for life. The extra-curricular activities at Dar Al Marefa School play out through various clubs across all age groups – KG, PYP, MYP and DP – throughout the year.


The activities are typically spread out across three sessions: fall, winter, and spring. Depending on the season and the level of interest, they may include sports (tennis, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, karate), arts (craft, pottery, model making, woodcraft), academics (science, math, robotics) as well as innovative activities (3D printing, digital, photography) and linguistics (French, Spanish).

One of our strongest and most sought-after programs is our Islamic activities which features Holy Quran studies, ethics and values in a structured manner. Each of the activities has varied performance levels. Students are required to register for the entire year in order to receive a completion certificate.

Please contact the school or check the parent newsletters for more information about the current activities being offered and sign-up deadlines.