Primary Years Program

What we are teaching?

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is taught from KG1 to Grade 5 in dar al marefa. This is a programme that encourages students to become global citizens, whilst giving them the life skills and attitude to be lifelong learners.

Under the 6 main themes of ‘Who we are’, ‘Where we are in place and time’, ‘Sharing the planet’, ‘How the world works’, ‘How we express ourselves’, and ‘How we organise ourselves’ students are able to discuss, question, share, and present their ideas about different concepts related to their own lives. Through the language scope and sequence, students are able to complete skills in both Arabic and English; whilst also having Islamic and Social Studies lessons to encourage the students to be proud of whom they are, whilst cherishing their own culture, values and beliefs.

How we are teaching?

The PYP is taught through inquiry. Learners share the Central Idea (main idea) with their peers, and discuss, plan and prepare for what they would like to learn about. Teachers give the learners the opportunities and the facilities to be able to find out for themselves, making the learning real and interesting. Through modelling the IB Learner Profile, teachers are encouraging learners to be courageous, principled and open-minded. Learning is shared in a variety of methods, varying from student centres to project-based inquiries. Learners are building their skills to then show their own understanding of the PYP through the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition.

Who is teaching?

The staffing of dar al marefa models the concept of diversity, through the many different nationalities and cultures of the individuals. We believe that all members of our school are teachers and learners; whether they are a Homeroom Teacher, Arabic Teacher, Teaching Assistant or student. We all learn vital lessons from each other. dar al marefa staff consists of fully qualified teachers, coming from a range of different countries, who bring with them a variety of teaching styles and experience.


Community: Through our units of inquiry we make links with the community, visiting local businesses and cultural attractions to deeper the learner’s understanding. This makes their learning real-life and fun!

After-school Activities: A variety of after-school activities are offered throughout the year, varying from sports to arts to Holy Qur’an. Students have the opportunity to display their talents, whilst learning new skills through activities that they enjoy.

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