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Middle Years and Diploma Programme :

Martha Pitta

MYP/DP Science Teacher & Assistant DP Coordinator

Maryam Waqar

MYP/DP Head of English

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Mohamed Akour

MYP/DP Head of Mathematics

Muhammad Fawad Khan

MYP/DP Head of Individuals and Societies

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Saleh Mostafa

MYP/DP Head of Islamic Studies

Sarah Mohammed

MYP/DP Career Counsellor and Head of Science

Nadine Baki

MYP/DP STEAM Coordinator

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Narvesh Auchoybur

MYP/DP Head of Design

Arindam Paul

MYP/DP CAS Coordinator

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Kholoud Amro

MYP/DP Physics & ID Coordinator

Lauren Broom

MYP/DP Head of PHE

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